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Suicide Museum


Want a preview of our exhibits? Our self-guided tour is available for download in MP3 format, or read the transcript.


Your tour begins in our lobby with The Galation Suicide. This direct copy of the original 1st century BC statue is the pride of our collection.

The Kevorkian Room

The Kevorkian Room is dedicated to "Dr. Death" (Dr. Jack Kevorkian), an activist who fought to legalize physician-assisted suicide.

Faces of Suicide

We are fortunate to have figures on loan from Madame Defarge's Wax Museum. See the faces of the famous who chose to end it all. Only the good die young.

Places for Suicide

This exhibit includes many famous places and popular places for suicide, including a walkable (and jumpable) scale model of the Golden Gate Bridge. Take a close up look at Jonestown, and wander through Japan's Aokigahara Forest.

Do Not go Gently into that Good Night

See immoltion, seppuku, suicide bombing, and the gruesome suicides of Isokelekel and Kiyoko Matsumoto. In our Film at 11 minitheater you can watch newscaster Christine Chubbuck fatally shoot herself in the head while on the air.

Interactive Exhibita black ticket for the Interactive Exhbit

Please note that there is no exit from the Interactive Exhibit. Visitors still alive at closing time will be gassed and cremated.

Other Museum Amenities

Au Revoir Video Booths

Record your own digital suicide note in one of our video booths. Post immediately to Tiktok, Facebook or Instagram for lots of likes!

Last Call Café

Enjoy a snack or a meal in our café, where amateur chefs serving community time for violent crimes prepare gourmet dishes from dangerous ingredients.

Pandora's Box Gift Shop

For mementos of your trip, gifts for loved ones, and all your suicide needs, visit Pandora's Box.